Phentermine is a medical agent, prescribed for weight loss and obesity treatment. People who are overweight or obese (BMI over 30) need a special medical treatment. Sometimes, Phentermine pills are prescribed to overweight people with BMI 27 only if they have developed some concomitant diseases because of their overweight. Usually, obesity is accompanied by high blood pressure, dyspnea, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

Obesity is a dangerous disease, since its highest degrees can shorten people’s life.

  • This weight disorder might provoke many other diseases, for example coronary artery disease (CAD), hypertension, heart failure and atherosclerosis. According to clinical research, overweight people are at much higher risk of these cardiovascular disorders than people with normal body weight are.

Few people know that fat is accumulated everywhere – not only in the visible parts of our body, but also inside it, around organs.

This type of obesity is the most dangerous one; it is called abdominal obesity and characterized by accumulation of visceral fat around most important organs inside the body.

If visceral fat surrounds the heart, it may lead to certain cardiovascular disorders, since it is getting hard for heart to function properly.

When a person loses weight, the risk of cardiovascular disorders is becoming smaller. So, the first thing that doctors recommend their overweight patients, who already suffer from some cardiovascular pathology, is to start a weight loss therapy.

For some people a weight loss therapy means low-calorie diet, physical exercises and special diet pills.

Usually, if a man has BMI 27 to 30 or even higher, an anti-obesity drug is a necessary measure.

  • Phentermine is an anti-obesity drug, prescribed for both adults and teens over 12 years old.

Phentermine drug is only intended for people, who suffer from obesity that became risky for life. These pills are not for those, who just want to lose a few kilograms to look slimmer.

Phentermine has become increasingly popular since its release date. People from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe and even the USA have been using Phentermine slimming pills to become as slim as they were in the past.

If you need to use Phentermine and you have a prescription, you should know that Phentermine is available in different countries under different names.

  • For instance, in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, Phentermine is known under the brand name Duromine. In the USA, Phentermine pills are available under the names Suprenza, Adipex and Ionamin.

Unfortunately, Phentermine weight loss drug is not available in European countries today.

Although Phentermine diet pills are a perfect means to fight obesity, people must use it as a supplement to a proper diet and high physical activity, or better a complex of physical exercises. Usually, dieticians prescribe diets that contain few calories, but are full in nutrients (proteins, carbs and even fat).

Most people think that they should eat as little as possible to get a successful weight loss. But it is a mistake.

  • Everybody should eat normally, but people who need to lose weight, should eat frequently in small portions.
  • It is recommended to consume at least 4-5 small meals a day to achieve a great weight loss result.
  • Overweight patients with cardiovascular disorders should consult a doctor, so he can prescribe a proper treatment course and adjust Phentermine dose.

Please note that Phentermine pills must never be used in patients with serious heart disorders, like hypertension, arrhythmia, etc.

Therefore, if a patient has any of these cardiovascular disorders, the doctor should prescribe him some other weight loss pills (not Phentermine), better to be herbal-based pills.

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