When using Adipex drug, obese people should eat properly and stay active physically. It is believed that frequent meals are more effective than a standard food intake, like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Frequent meals mean the consumption of small portions of food five to six times a day. The time interval between two meals must be equal, but no longer than 4 hours.

How does it work?

The mechanism of action of Adipex (Phentermine) is appetite suppression.

  • The anti-obesity treatment is effective if calorie intake is reduced and the fat burning rate is increased.

The main benefit of frequent meals is a reduction of daily calorie intake. Another one feature of such diets is that people eat less food than usual and feel no hunger at all.


If too much time passes between two meals, special hormones stimulating the appetite are released. The more time passes since your last meal, the more hormones are synthesized and the stronger the appetite.

But if you have frequent meals, the body will not manage to produce the hormones regulating your appetite in large quantities.

In this case, a small amount of nutrients would be enough for the body to get full.

Extra benefits

Before people began using Adipex, the fat had been accumulating for years in their bodies. Long-term consequences of obesity include many pathologies, like disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Small and frequent food intakes are recommended by gastroenterologists. This kind of diet can be used as a prophylaxis or part of the treatment of gastritis, colitis and even ulcer disease.

It makes sense: small servings of food are better digested without overloading organs of the digestive system, keeping normal sugar levels in the blood plasma.

How do we eat properly?

Adipex weight loss pills along with frequent meals help to control the amount of consumed food, but not only. This strategy to control the body weight allows people exclude simple carbs and saturated fats from their dietary pattern.

When using Adipex slimming pills, people should eat more products containing natural fiber.

  • Such foods provide a continuous feeling of satiety and create favorable conditions for gut flora.

Psychological aspect plays an important role in this strategy as well. Knowing that the next meal is just in 2-3 hours, a person finds it much easier to refuse from large servings.

Where can I buy Adipex?

Overweight people can buy Adipex diet pills at pharmacies in several countries of the world, (for instance in the USA).

However, technological progress does not stand still. Modern technologies allow people to buy Adipex without prescription online right from their home.

The manufacturer of Adipex is Teva company and it supplies the diet pills with quite high price. Other pharmaceutical companies offer to buy Phentermine-containing tablets cheaper.

Online purchasing helps to save money.

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